About Us

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I grew up in a small country town in Victoria Australia where the local pub was the hub of the community. My Mum, Dotty, worked in the kitchen & Norm my Dad drank at the bar. I would always be trying to sneak a beer at the bar or a chip in the kitchen because it was like our second home. At home we had a bar out the back of the house & after the local closed it was back to Frasers to continue the night. Dad always had plenty of beer in the fridge, & I can see him now, in his dressing gown, making sure everyone had a cold beer with his normal comment ‘Don’t forget to replace my beer in the morning you bastards’ which we never did. Mum would be walking around with fresh sausage rolls saying ‘You boys have gotta eat if your gunna drink’. Every time you came to Fraser’s you were looked after. You were part of the family. My upbringing was very much based around playing sport & socializing, so I’m a self confessed sports junkie who enjoys a drink. After 30 years in the hospitality industry here in Thailand & Australia you can now enjoy Fraser’s in Jomtien with the same values instilled into me by my Mum & Dad. In memory of Mum & Dad welcome to Frasers & enjoy Norm’s Bar & Dotty’s Family Room. ​Take care, Stewart 'Froggy' Fraser